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CEO of Your Product

Your knowledge of the product, financial projections, customer and market place you in high demand from your colleagues and customers.

How to satisfy their needs while creating the future?

Product Management Tools in Confluence

Four product management blueprints are included in the Product Management Tools add-on for Confluence server from Atlassian:

  • Business Case

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Pricing

  • Sales Training Plan

These blueprints, in combination with the Product Requirements blueprint from Atlassian, cover the entire lifecycle of product management for creation of new products.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Additional blueprints are in development all of the time for inclusion in the Product Management Tools bundle.
Which of the following additional blueprints would you like to be included in the next upgrade?

These blueprints use best practices so your team runs better.

Don't let a blank Confluence page and code learning curve (who has time to learn how to code?) keep you from investing into relationships. 
Download the tools from the Atlassian Marketplace and get started today.

               You create the future.
               We will create the code.