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You create, communicate and deliver value to your customers. 
Our blueprints enable you to communicate within your own company as well.

How to satisfy customer needs while staying in communication with your team?

Marketing Tools in Confluence

Four marketing blueprints are being created for inclusion in the Marketing Tools add-on for Confluence available from the Atlassian Marketplace.

1) Marketing Plan: Strategy blueprint to summarize key tactics and plans
2) Naming strategy: Guided brainstorming to choose a name for new product or product line extension
3) Persona: Fictional person who represents the customer that will benefit the most from a new product or service
4) Messaging and Positioning: Define the value proposition

These blueprints use best practices so your team runs better.

Don't let a blank Confluence page and code learning curve (who has time to learn how to code?) keep you from collaborating with your colleagues. 


               You create the future.
               We will create the code.